William Kerr

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Betrayal of a Black Women


Wednesday, 18th April, 5:30 pm


She knew that her people had been treated as second-class citizens in Botswana but she never thought that one day she would also experience this gross injustice herself. She had heard the stories of the San herd boys who had been sjamboked to death. She had never thought that in her life she would be forced by those who felt they were more powerful than her to forfeit her only sons, the seed of her womb.


Tickets: P100



  • Block bookings
  • P150 for two tickets
  • P50 for students

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Gaborone Youth Singers


Music: Choral


Directed By: Tshepiso Marumo


Languages: Setswana and English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 90 minutes


Company: Gaborone Youth Singers


This concert will feature extracts from various famous operas such as Willem Tell: Italian Googliemo by G. Rossini and Norma by V. Belini. Marabi. It will also feature performances by trained professional soloists.


Tickets: P60; available at Webtickets

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Once Upon a Playground


Once Upon a Playground


Theatre: Family


Directed By: Douglas Newell


Written By: Jack Frakes  


Cast: Baeng Moeng, Tuduetso Khumalo, Refilwe Seema, Kgancho Moncho, Malebogo Kgatlwane, Pelotlhomogi Tswanatso, Jina Mabutho, Entle Pheko and Norma Nlanda


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 30 minutes


Company: Arts 4 Everyone, Marung Productions and the Overseas Theatre Works


Once Upon a Playground is a humorous, one-act play with the universal theme of wanting to make friends. It is perfect for families everywhere.


Tickets: P75

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Festival Opening Night


Music: Traditional, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, and Choral


Directed By: Tefo Paya


Cast: Samantha Mogwe, Jordan Moozy, Katlego “Seiko” Ntirang, and the Maru-a-Pula School Marimba Band & Choir


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 120 minutes (2-hours)


Company: Maitisong


Lore lo ojwa lo sale metsi; fa le kwakwaletse lo a robega. A Setswana proverb that means, “Mould the plant while it is still young and supple for when it is older and hardened, it will break.”


This year’s Festival Opening Night will embrace the practice of instilling the older generation’s wisdom in the youth. Featuring performances by a cast of young, vibrant musicians, the evening will highlight the Festival’s influence on Botswana’s art industry today and how we, as the audience, can nurture and support the existing talent.


Join us for an evening of live music, where tradition and modernity will meet, creating an atmosphere of soothing tones and unforgettable melodies.


Ticket: 120 (standard) / P200 (VIP – complementary refreshments included) / P60 (students and children under 18).

It Has To Be Jazz Review


A Review by Rethabile Mpatane


Mopathi Molosiwa, Part time music teacher

There are a lot jazz shows and live musical performances that can be life changing and simply exciting but the question here is, did this show make the list? It Has to Be Jazz is the name of the band but it can also be seen as a movement. According to their website, “It Has to Be Jazz project is a gift of love from a father to a son. The project remained a concept for a while – waiting for the right opportunity to be explored and implemented.”   This is the main reason why they performed this show.


On Saturday 10 March 2018, the Maitisong theatre doors were to open at 6:30pm for their show, which included a first time screening of their documentary “It has to be Jazz: A New Generation”, as well as a live performance of their band. The documentary was really enjoyable mainly because it wasn’t too hard to understand the style and sound of the music. Non jazz listeners and new listeners of It Has To Be Jazz could understand the content easily and they would find the music appealing. The documentary was self-explanatory and engaging. It included the purposes of the movement and it showed how involved they are with youth development, in terms of jazz. A wide variety of different people spoke on the movement and what it means to them. The speakers were a South African radio personality, a Bassist teacher, audio technicians, two local Batswana youth and even the director of Maitisong. It was a beautiful blend of old and young talent. The main theme was “Know your change” due to their desire to be musicians that makes a difference, that understand the music, and know why they play. This ‘New Generation’ is a testament to the past great fathers of jazz. It allows the band members to see the appreciation of jazz through young people.


It Has To Be Jazz: New Generation Documentary Preview Screening


The next, and most amazing, part of the show was the live band performance. The band consisted of a pianist, drummer, bassist and saxophonist and, of course, a singer. The second part of the show kicked off with a poetic, and musical tribute to Women’s International Day. The music was spectacular. It was the best way to show the content in the documentary. It was rhythmic, powerful, soulful and interactive. The music speaks for itself and every instrument tells you a story consisting of opulent highs and smooth lows while being accompanied by a singer with a beautiful voice. You just can’t help moving along to the music while in your seat.


Overall, It Has to Be Jazz: New Generation-Documentary Preview Screening was an amazing event and a worthwhile show to go to. The Documentary was a good watch and was put together well and the live music was excellent. I would give it a four, out of 5 stars.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Son of David

Monday, 16th April, 8 pm and Tuesday, 17th April, 8 pm

Written & Directed By: Lydia Ntsohi


Cast: Lehlohonolo Tumelo, Sonwabile Ngxito, Vusi Moyo, Olebogeng Ntshabele, Ipeleng Maifala, Jabulani Dabula, Mbali Hope Shanti


Languages: English & Setswana


Age Restriction: 10+


Running Time: 55 minutes


Company: Lydimelo Projects


Son of David is a musical that depicts the life of a Pastor, who has two sons of different sexual orientations. The story analyses the relationship between faith and social issues.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – It’s All in the Rehearsal


Music: Neo-Soul, Rhythm and Blues and Soul


Written By: Tebogo Gaetsewe


Directed By: Tebogo Gaetsewe


Musical Director: Lamech Nwako


Cast: Wynton Senwelo, Otlhomame Motlaleng, Cedric Ncube, Legako Sola, and Lamech Nwako


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 90 minutes (1 hr 30 minutes)


Have you ever wondered how a music show becomes what is it? Well, here's a chance to

see what really goes on during preparations for a show…The concept, the money, the work,

and the magic. This is just a glimpse of all the blood, sweat and tears that artists go through

to give the audience their money's worth. The synergy of the no-nonsense music director;

the spunky drummer; the shy bassist; the popular guitarist; and the young, sweet backing

vocalist is fused together by the bubbly lead vocalist. All of these uniquely talented

personalities are woven harmoniously as Debbie with a T presents It's All In The Rehearsal. 


Ticket Prices: P150 (P75 for U12; Free for U5)


Facebook: Tebbie Gaetsewe / Debbie with a T


Twitter: Debbie with a T


Instagram: Debbie with a T


Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Lost in a City Called Love

Thursday, 19th April, 8 pm. Tickets: P100 / P50 (students and pensioners) / Block bookings available

Music: Contemporary, Jazz


Directed By: Louisa April


Composed By: Louisa April


Cast: Louisa April, Tafnaz ‘the Acoustic Badboi’ Busani Azare, and Ontlhomame “ECL” Motlaleng


Languages: English


Age Restriction: 16+


Running Time: 60 minutes


Lost in a city Called Love is a musical Journey curated by Louisa April. It focuses on the theme of love in all its aspects: falling in love, betrayal, heartbreak, forgiveness, finding hope, trusting again and simply learning to love. We will spend an hour unraveling our feelings and placing them into song.


Louisa together with her team, Tafnaz ‘The Acoustic Badboi’ on guitar and vocals, as well as Otlhomame ‘ECL’ Motlaleng on the Keys. It is definitely not an event to miss.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A Day Before Execution: I’m Sorry Mr President


Sunday, 15th April, 4pm


Theatre: Drama


Written By:  Neelo Lentebanye


Directed By: Sono Abram


Cast: ???


Languages: English and Setswana


Age Restriction: 18+


Running Time: 50 minutes


Company: Mandy Promotions


The most realistic play I’ve ever watched. At some point, it felt like the directors had unstable, death row inmates posing as actors to narrate their heinous, real-life crimes. Ironically, amidst such horrors, it was funny too!

~ Thalefang Charles


This theatre production is a captivating, narrative monologue of four convicted prisoners with 24 hours from facing the hangman. Their raw, uncensored stories and vivid explanations, paint horrific images of how they carried out acts of murder in cold blood as a result of revenge, anger, and frustration.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Currency

Friday, 13th April, Tickets: P100 (P50 for students and pensioners)

Written By: Lionel Nkosi


Directed By: Lionel Nkosi


Cast: Kwenze Poelo Mnguni and Thembani Mpapho,


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 80 minutes (1hr 20 minutes)


Company: Empowered Directors


The play is a unique piece featuring two award-winning actors from Botswana. It’s a story of betrayal, love, greed and the power that comes with money. The play reveals what separates the rich and the poor. Based on real-life issues we face daily, the play is provocative and educational for all.


Tickets: P100 (P50 for students and pensioners)


Facebook: Lionel Nkosi, Kwenze Mnguni and Thembeni Mpapo