The Maitisong Outdoor Festival started in 1996 as a fringe element of the Maitisong Festival, with the aim of taking the festival to the people and showcasing upcoming artists, providing them with the opportunity to perform alongside established performers. Most importantly, all featured artists are Batswana. The festival attracts an average of more than 10,000 spectators!

With over two decades of corporate social investment thus far, the Maitisong Outdoor Festival seeks to:

  • Take the festival to the people free of charge, demonstrating that the arts are for everyone;
  • Provide upcoming and established Botswana artists a platform to showcase their talent and earn income;
  • Create opportunities for upcoming artists to learn from and engage with established artists;
  • Strengthen Maitisong’s reputation as the pioneer in arts development

This year, the Maitisong Outdoor Festival will be holding auditions in various cities and towns across Botswana! See our social media pages for details!


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