Shakespeare Lives Practitioners in Botswana


from left to right : Fiona Drummond, Nobulali Dangezele, Greg Homann, Natalie Ibu, Ben Spiller, Greg Thompson


Six theatre practitioners from the UK and South Africa have arrived in Botswana to deliver Shakespeare drama workshops to students, teachers and actors in Gaborone and Maun from private and government schools, the University of Botswana, and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture.


UK-based theatre directors Gregory Thompson (UK, Artist in Residence at University College London) and Natalie Ibu (UK, Artistic Director of The Tiata Fahodzi Theatre Company), Ben Spiller (UK, Artistic Director of the 1623 Theatre Company), ShakeXperience Practitioners from South Africa, Nobulali Dangazele and Greg Homann, and Fiona Drummond (UK, actor and Shakespeare’s Globe Education Practitioner) are delivering a week of workshops for a total of 150 actors, students and teachers in public and private educational institutions. These students will be performing and showcasing the new performance skills they have learned at the Shakespeare Lives in Botswana (Shakespeare o a Tshela) Showcase at Maitisong at 6pm on Wednesday, April 13th (tickets available at Maitisong and Webtickets). 


Project Director Alastair Hagger said: ‘’We are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome six renowned artists from the UK and South Africa of such a high calibre. We are sure that the positive impact these artists will make on students, teachers and actors in Botswana will be long lasting and transformational.’’


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