UK High Commissioner Attends ‘Twelfth Night’


Ms Katy Ransome, British High Commissioner to Botswana, attended the final Shakespeare o a Tshela (Shakespeare Lives) free¬†public film screening, ‘Twelfth Night’, on Saturday March 12th.

Ms Ransome, who brought her old school copy of the play with her, posed for pictures with students from Moeding (left) and Naledi senior secondary schools.

The film of the Globe’s production of ‘Twelfth Night’, starring Mark Rylance, was watched¬†by a full house of 400, and was the last in the series of free film screenings at Maitisong as part of the Shakespeare o a Tshela project, which launched in October 2015 as part of the global British Council Shakespeare Lives and UK Government GREAT Britain Campaign projects, and will continue this week with visits by six theatre practitioners from the UK and South Africa. The activity will wrap up on April 13th with a Showcase event at Maitisong, featuring four high-profile Batswana poets, and performances by young Batswana actors and students from all the participating government and private schools.

For more project details, visit our dedicated Shakespeare page here.