Maitisong is a raked auditorium with capacity of 450 seats. There is no proscenium arch and the main curtain can open completely revealing a 23 metre wide stage. The lighting bars above the stage and the large wooden sound reflector are completely visible. The stage is 8 metres deep and has a tile-on-concrete floor onto which a sprung wooden dance floor can be laid.

Backstage, there are two dressing rooms with showers, mirrors and lights. There is an 18-channel sound system with on-stage inputs and a 24-channel lighting desk with basic computer functions.

Maitisong has an adjacent small dance/music studio with a large mirror and dance bar. There are administrative offices enclosing a courtyard that is used for interval gatherings.



i) Access

1. There is a car park outside backstage

2. Access to the stage is via 2m x 2m hall with external and internal doors flanked by two backstage toilets.


ii) Specifications

1. The full stage is 8m deep including the Apron X 22m wide X 6m high. The width and depth are adjustable.

2. Wing depth is adjustable depending on stage size – usually 2m. 

3. The stage is vinyl tiles on concrete.

4. There is 1.70m Apron.

5. The stage is flat.

6. There is removable sprung wooden dance floor with mats.

7. There is no safety curtain.

8. There is black masking in the form of 3m wide black curtains. These are used to define the stage.

9. The white back wall is often used as a cyclorama.

10. There are brown house curtains that can recess completely into the side wall.

11.  Dressing Rooms

  • The theatre has two dressing rooms with showers.
  • There are male and female toilets with wash basins
  • There are no ironing facilities nor a washing machine.  



A. The hall has a 240 volts power.

B. There is a three phase supply available on stage (63Amp five point).

C. There are 6 Zero88 dimmers with 6 channels each and capable of 10Amp each.

D. There is 1248 SMARTFADE (ETC) control desks.

E. The theatre has the following lights as well as their relevant gel holders :

1. 4 Fresnel prelude 650/500 W

2. 4 profile prelude 16/30 650/500 W

3. 4 profile prelude 28/40  650/500 W

4. 6 flood 500 W

5. 4 flood 1000W

6. 2 flood 1250 W

7. 4 ultra violet fluorescent lights

8. 2 Fresnel mode 833 500W

9. 1 Profile Harmony 15/28 1000W

10. 1 Profile Follow Spot 12/22 2000W

11. 2 Quartet Fresnel 650/500W

12. 2 Quartet 25 650/500W

13. 9 Par 64 1000W5 

14. 6 LED lights 

15. 6 Moving heads OBY 600



A. The theatre has a separate electrical supply for the sound.

B. The sound system :

1. CD player with USB compatibility

3. A 16 channel desk mixer (LX7) spirit.

4. Speakers :

a) 2 JBL – mounted on the walls

b) 1 EV – centrally mounted above the stage

c) 2 Stage monitors

5. Microphones : 

a) 5 X Shure Mic PG 58

b) 1 X shure 10A

d) 2 X PL88L

e) 3 cordless Shure (sm58)

f) 3 Headsets mic (Shure)

g) 1 Lapel mic (shure)

h) 1 headset (Samson)

C. There are no tie lines from the control room to the stage area.


IV. Projector and Screen

  • 3500 lumens front projector
  • Drop down Electric 3998 x 2998 Screen 4:3 aspects ratio motor and RF remote control