Festival Technician, Johane Gaorengwe

Johanne Gaorengwe, 1999

Johane Gaorengwe, affectionately known as Joe, has been working for Maitisong since 1998 as the Sound and Lighting Technician. His daily life involves rigging lights and sound and setting the stage for upcoming events. He studied Electrical Installation and Appliances at Lobatse Brigade Center, where he graduated in 1997 before beginning his career with Celetrix (as an electrician) and Firefox (as a lighting technician).


He works closely with MaP’s Drama and Music Departments, as well as clients who book the theatre (production director, stage manager and technical crew). As a technician, his work also involves plotting and assembling the lights, placing filters and burn doors accordingly, focusing lights during rehearsals, and operating and maintaining the sound desk and lighting console during performances. As a qualified electrician, Joe handles the electrical maintenance of Maitisong and the School in general. He also handles the procurement process for the theatre and provides technical support to all the Theatre’s clients.


Throughout his career, Joe has had the opportunity to work numerous local and international artists. He delights in interacting with diverse cultures and longs to see an advancement in the technological aspect of the arts in Botswana. Joe believes experience is gained from different people coming together and exchanging skills and knowledge.