Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A Day Before Execution: I’m Sorry Mr President


Sunday, 15th April, 4pm


Theatre: Drama


Written By:  Neelo Lentebanye


Directed By: Sono Abram


Cast: ???


Languages: English and Setswana


Age Restriction: 18+


Running Time: 50 minutes


Company: Mandy Promotions


The most realistic play I’ve ever watched. At some point, it felt like the directors had unstable, death row inmates posing as actors to narrate their heinous, real-life crimes. Ironically, amidst such horrors, it was funny too!

~ Thalefang Charles


This theatre production is a captivating, narrative monologue of four convicted prisoners with 24 hours from facing the hangman. Their raw, uncensored stories and vivid explanations, paint horrific images of how they carried out acts of murder in cold blood as a result of revenge, anger, and frustration.