Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Day of Absence


Friday, 13th April, 3pm

Theatre: Satire


Directed By: Diamond Mkoape


Written By: Douglas Turner-Ward


Cast: Katlego Chale, Itumeleng “Tumee” Mofokeng, Rapelang Goodwill Sindane, Donachcha Deandra Danster, Mphoentle Ngoepe, and Kabo “Kabulous” Timela


Languages: English


Age Restriction: 13+


Running Time: 70 minutes (1 hr 10 minutes)


Company: A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm and Blue Diamond


This is an intriguing satire, which asks the provocative question:


“What would happen if one day all black people disappeared?”


The story takes place in an imaginary Southern American Dixie town, where two town locals are the first to notice that all the nigras are missing. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the town as the Mayor tries to calm the situation and solve the mysterious disappearance of the nigras.