Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm Anthologies (AAA) Volume 1

Sunday 15th April, 7pm

Music: Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, and Funk


Directed By: Ontlhomame Motlaleng and Amantle “Juz Beatz” Gababotse


Written By: Mandisa Mabuthoe and Ngonidzashe Tapiwa


Composed By: Ontlhomame Motlaleng and Juz Beatz


Cast: Mandisa Mabuthoe, Ngonidzashe Tapiwa, Ontlhomame “Shoe” Motlaleng, and Amantle “Juz Beatz” Gababotse


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 90 minutes (1 hr 30 minutes)


Company: A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm


The artist’s mind is a volatile, enchanting space. It creates grand beauties, weaving untold stories into soulful melodies. Every note floats, nesting on a mass of eardrums in search of open hearts to touch. The artist’s language remains unspoken yet always understood. It is a raw yet polished gift made by living, loving, and dying.  

~ The Ah’syl’ahm


A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm (pronounced Artist Asylum) Anthologies (AAA) is a showcase of local talent in Botswana. Each session highlights the works of the featured artist, in collaboration with their peers.


AAA volume one features The Nex’Tones, a band led by Ngonidzashe “Upmost (aka myBruthazkeepa)” Tapiwa and Mandisa “Josiah King” Mabuthoe, accompanied by their producer, Amantle “Juz Beatz” Gababotse, and Onthomame “Shoe” Motlaleng. The band created a signature sound, HipSoul, influenced by Soul, RnB, Reggae, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Jazz.