Friday, 24th November – Mascom President’s Concert, 7.00pm, P200

In the early 90s, Sir Ketumile Masire (former President of Botswana) and David Slater (former Director of Maitisong) started The President’s Concert started in support of the government’s care of vulnerable community members.


Mascom became a sponsor of the President’s Concert in 2007 with a donation of P10, 000, which has grown over the years. The sponsorship benefited organizations such as Stepping Stones International, Ray of Hope Foundation, Masisi Organ Foundation, Diphalana Counseling Centre, Lady Olebile Masire Foundation, and Sekolo Sa Anne Stine.


In recognition of the contribution that Mascom has made over the past ten years, the President’s Concert is now the Mascom President’s Concert.


This year, the production will highlight the best of Botswana’s young and established artists, who will collaborate to create an ensemble performance never seen before. It will honour Mascom’s influence within the Arts Industry under the theme Lore Lo Ojwa Lo Sale Metsi, to cultivate a culture of youth learning from the wisdom of former generations through the arts.


Please join us on the 24th November 2017, 7pm at Maitisong for an evening of song, dance and poetry in celebration of Botswana’s artistic talent. Tickets are P200; available at Maitisong and Webtickets.


Saturday, 28th October – Kg’oesakeni: The Musical,  7.00pm, P200 

According to Kuela Kiema, in his book Tears for My Land (2010), New Xade was named Kg’oesakeni (meaning in search of a better life) by a delegation of four men, including himself, in April 1997. It is not clear why this new name was chosen but sources say that it could’ve been inspired by the national government’s relocation of the people of New Xade. According to the government, this relocation was intended to give people’s of the then CKGR (Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve) a new lease on life.

Kg’oesakeni explores the themes around this newly-found life experienced by the peoples of the CKGR. Their story is told through the eyes of a young Kua maiden, a granddaughter of Nxabae, using the native song and dances of the Kgalagadi people.

Tickets available at Maitisong and Webtickets nationwide. For more information, contact 397 1809 / 72 827 161 or email