Festival Day 2




Friday, 13th April / 5.30pm / Maitisong          

Written By: Lionel Nkosi

Directed By: Lionel Nkosi

Cast: Kwenze Poelo Mnguni and Thembani Mpapho,

Languages: English

Age Restriction: All

Running Time: 80 minutes (1hr 20 minutes)

Company: Empowered Directors


The play is a unique piece featuring two award-winning actors from Botswana. It’s a story of betrayal, love, greed and the power that comes with money. The play reveals what separates the rich and the poor. Based on real-life issues we face daily, the play is provocative and educational for all.


Tickets: P100 / (P50 for students and pensioners)

Facebook: Lionel Nkosi, Kwenze Mnguni and Thembeni Mpapo


Day of Absence


Theatre: Satire

Directed By: Diamond Mkoape

Written By: Douglas Turner-Ward

Cast: Katlego Chale, Itumeleng “Tumee” Mofokeng, Rapelang Goodwill Sindane, Donachcha Deandra Danster, Mphoentle Ngoepe, and Kabo “Kabulous” Timela

Languages: English

Age Restriction: 13+

Running Time: 70 minutes (1 hr 10 minutes)

Company: A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm and Blue Diamond


This is an intriguing satire, which asks the provocative question:


“What would happen if one day all black people disappeared?”


The story takes place in an imaginary Southern American Dixie town, where two town locals are the first to notice that all the nigras are missing. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the town as the Mayor tries to calm the situation and solve the mysterious disappearance of the nigras.


Tickets: P120; block bookings available.


Moratiwa: An African Tragedy Musical


Produced & Directed By: Socca Moruakgomo

Languages: Setswana & English

Age Restriction: All

Running Time: 120 minutes (2 hours)


In the early 1980s, residents of Xamshiko, Botswana met with their leaders and police officials at the Kgotla (Setswana word for court) to discuss the case of Gaone, a missing girl whose case was dismissed after her files disappeared. The case was of great concern to the residents because, allegedly, top officials in the village were responsible for a recent upsurge in ritualistic killings in the area.


Students of Xamshiko began to strike, joined by college and university students in Gaborone. At the invitation of the Botswana Government, the Scotland Yard carried out investigations. Sadly, to this day, the public is unaware of the results of the investigations, despite promises from the Government to publish them. This lack of information leaves a hole in the heart of Botswana.


Through narration and song, this story brings Gaone’s tragic death and the practice of ritualistic killing to light. Performed by a cast of twenty-six members comprised of singers, dancers and actors. A nine-piece band accompanies the cast to complete the ensemble.


Tickets: P150 / P75 (students / pensioners) / Block bookings available.


A Woman of Many Firsts


Theatre: Drama

Written By: Moduduetso Lecoge

Directed By: Moletedi-One Koketso Ntseme

Cast: Moduduetso Lecoge

Languages: English

Age Restriction: All

Company: Marung Productions


A Woman of Many Firsts tracks Dr G.K.T Chiepe’s life from when she was a young girl in Serowe, through her extensive career across various industries including education and politics, to her retirement. It begins with her education, weaving into how she was a student in South Africa during apartheid and receiving her Master’s from the University of Bristol.


The play highlights Dr Chiepe’s time as the only female Education Officer, climbing the ranks to become the Director of Education and, after Botswana’s Independence, being the only female High Commissioner in London. It takes a closer look at her life as the only female in the Botswana’s Cabinet and life as a politician, from being a specially elected member of parliament to being a minister.


Tickets: P100