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Madi Majwana: Stories from your Pocket 4 is back!

Catch the new season of Madi Majwana on the following channels :


Gabz FM – Tuesdays at 6.50am

Duma FM – Fridays at 6.35pm

Yarona FM – Sundays at 7.10pm


Madi Majwana: Stories from your Pocket Archive

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Season 1

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Season 2

here (episode one), here (episode two), here (episode three), here (episode four), here (episode five), here (episode six), here (episode seven), here (episode eight).


About the show

Madi Majwana: Stories from Your Pocket radio drama and stage production is back. Season 4 continues to offer a fresh perspective on the economic outlook of Batswana, revealing the hard-hitting realities of those who struggle with their finances. It continues to explore some of the themes from previous seasons and introduces other pertinent issues that continue to plague society. Characters from diverse backgrounds tell their stories as they strive to make a living. Their stories reflect the black, white and grey areas of real-life monetary habits, successes and failures.


The return of Madi Majwana: Stories from Your Pocket demonstrates Barclays Bank’s commitment to leave a lasting legacy in Botswana. Over the past four years, Barclays Bank has invested over P4, 000, 000 for the success of this project. This significant contribution towards improving society’s financial management, aids in ensuring that our people make informed decisions. To date, Madi Majwana: Stories from Your Pocket has reached close to one million people nationwide. The project has grown to become a vehicle for social commentary. The theatre production prompts introspection from audiences and dialogue about different societal realities. It encourages people to reflect on their own prejudices which adversely affect social cohesion.


The partnership between Barclays Bank and Maitisong is a significant illustration of how a responsible financial institution, that cares about the community within which it operates, could utilise the creative industry as tool for social and economic emancipation. It affirms the arts’ potential to contribute towards employment creation and empowerment. Since its implementation, the project has engaged over 150 young people, providing them with income and knowledge to manage it. One of the highlights of the programme has been training 35 young people as Debt Counsellors. We are currently pursuing opportunities for them to receive accreditation they can use to help financial institutions with debt counselling services.


The economic benefits of Madi Majwana cannot be over-emphasised. It engages the youth as voice artists, actors, scriptwriters, production team members, and monitoring and evaluation assistants. The project provides income to four commercial radio stations, enabling them to sustain jobs.


Season 4 airs on radio on June 4th 2018. It plays on Tuesdays at 6:50am on Gabz FM, Sundays at 7:10pm on Yarona FM, and Fridays at 6:35pm on Duma FM.


For more information, please call Maitisong at 397 1809, email or visit or any Barclays Bank branch. Follow us on the Madi Majwana: Stories from Your Pocket Facebook and Twitter pages. Information is also available on all our partners’ websites and Facebook pages: Barclays Bank, Yarona FM, Duma FM and Gabz FM.


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