Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A Woman of Many Firsts


Friday, 13th April, 8:30 pm and Saturday 14th, 6 pm. Tickets: P100


Written By: Moduduetso Lecoge


Directed By: Moletedi-One Koketso Ntseme


Cast: Moduduetso Lecoge


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Company: Moduduetso Lecoge


She was the first of many as a girl, a woman, and in her vast career; an iconic leader who paved the way for a generation of change-makers.


A Woman of Many Firsts tracks Dr G.K.T Chiepe’s life from when she was a young Mongwato (person of the BaNgwato tribe of Botswana) girl in Serowe, through her extensive career across various industries including education and politics, to her retirement. It begins with her education, weaving into

how she was a student in South Africa during apartheid and receiving her Master’s from the University of Bristol.


The play highlights Dr Chiepe’s time as the only female Education Officer, climbing the ranks to become the Director of Education and, after Botswana’s Independence, being the only female High Commissioner in London. It takes a closer look at her life as the only female in the Botswana’s Cabinet and life as a politician, from being a specially elected member of parliament to being a minister.