Day of Absence Actors – Itumeleng “Tumee” Mofokeng


Itumeleng “Tumee” Mofokeng was born in the east of Johannesburg in 1995. She started acting in primary school productions for drama groups and continued until the end of high school. Since she took acting seriously, she went on to study drama at the Tshwane University of Technology. In her first year, she shot a short film which resulted in her receiving the “best actress on screenplay” award in 2015.


She was a part of Karina Lemmer’s production “Code” which won multiple awards at the Fildras 2015 awards. The production also made its way to the Aardklop Festival in Potchefstroom in 2016. In the same year, Tumee played the lead role in the short film “To Ike” directed by Vuyani Bila. The film got recognized at the Grahamstown and Jozi film festivals. Tumee is a part of the cast of “Matwetwe” directed by the South African comedian/director Kagiso Lediga. Although more interested in Film – she has played multiple roles in theatre shows including Galeboa Moabi’s “Kgosi Tau” (adaptation of the Lion King) where she played little Pula (Simba). 


 This young lady is also a physical theatre choreographer and performer as well as a children’s theatre performer. She is vibrant, energetic and very passionate about art as a whole.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A Woman of Many Firsts


Friday, 13th April, 8:30 pm and Saturday 14th, 6 pm. Tickets: P100


Written By: Moduduetso Lecoge


Directed By: Moletedi-One Koketso Ntseme


Cast: Moduduetso Lecoge


Languages: English


Age Restriction: All


Company: Moduduetso Lecoge


She was the first of many as a girl, a woman, and in her vast career; an iconic leader who paved the way for a generation of change-makers.


A Woman of Many Firsts tracks Dr G.K.T Chiepe’s life from when she was a young Mongwato (person of the BaNgwato tribe of Botswana) girl in Serowe, through her extensive career across various industries including education and politics, to her retirement. It begins with her education, weaving into

how she was a student in South Africa during apartheid and receiving her Master’s from the University of Bristol.


The play highlights Dr Chiepe’s time as the only female Education Officer, climbing the ranks to become the Director of Education and, after Botswana’s Independence, being the only female High Commissioner in London. It takes a closer look at her life as the only female in the Botswana’s Cabinet and life as a politician, from being a specially elected member of parliament to being a minister.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Day of Absence


Friday, 13th April, 3pm

Theatre: Satire


Directed By: Diamond Mkoape


Written By: Douglas Turner-Ward


Cast: Katlego Chale, Itumeleng “Tumee” Mofokeng, Rapelang Goodwill Sindane, Donachcha Deandra Danster, Mphoentle Ngoepe, and Kabo “Kabulous” Timela


Languages: English


Age Restriction: 13+


Running Time: 70 minutes (1 hr 10 minutes)


Company: A:tiste Ah’syl’ahm and Blue Diamond


This is an intriguing satire, which asks the provocative question:


“What would happen if one day all black people disappeared?”


The story takes place in an imaginary Southern American Dixie town, where two town locals are the first to notice that all the nigras are missing. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the town as the Mayor tries to calm the situation and solve the mysterious disappearance of the nigras.

Maitisong Festival Shows – This Is Home Now


Theatre: Docudrama (Documentary Theatre)


Written & Directed By: Sengwato Rampha


Musical Composer: The UCM Acapella Music Group


Cast: Tshupo Matontshe and Letlhogonolo Dinko


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 60 minutes (1 hour)


Captain Markus Gunnery and his Junior Officer, Lieutenant Thusano, are engaged in an intense argument about who is more qualified to represent Botswana in a voluntary diplomatic mission in Central Africa. Successful candidates must demonstrate an extensive knowledge of their country’s conflict resolution experience and an understanding of their country’s history.  


Both men unravel their knowledge in a blood-rushing race against the other’s wit. The humorous debate unpacks a rich reservoir of information on Botswana’s most overlooked facts including our true transition from a primitive, conservative society to a powerful African state.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Memory

Saturday, 21st April, 5:30pm, Tickets: P100

Written & Directed By: Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi


Cast: Motheo Madisa, Kabelo “KB” Nyenye and others


Languages: Zulu, Setswana, and English


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 55 minutes


Company: Here Manje & Maitisong


They say, “Somewhere in Africa, the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their wrinkled gray bodies, and soar away light spirits at the end.”


~ Robert R McCammon


This play was written as a dedication to Sadawu, the biggest Kenyan tusker to ever walk the dusty earth and all elephant poaching in Africa. Memory is a trip into the African jungle, complete with realistic sounds, drawing one into another world. It is a tale of the evolution of man, a universal impulse of loving animals and a warning against poaching. Memory uses Bushmen, animal mime, masks, song, dance and a typical around-the-fire African storytelling about why men kill elephants, steal the tusks and never touch the meat.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – A Man and a Dog


Saturday 21st April, 4pm, P100. Photo by Dex Goodman

Written & Directed By: Penelope Youngleson


Story By: Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi


Cast: Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi


Languages: English & Zulu


Age Restriction: All


Running Time: 62 minutes (1h2min)


Company: Here Manje


Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi wrote A Man and a Dog as a personal reflection on his life, growing up in Kwa Zulu Natal (RSA), and his Zulu identity. A Man and A Dog explores a homecoming familiar to so many Africans, who are our ancestors, and how we do not know who are we until we know where we truly come from.


The play makes use of oral tradition, song and physical theatre to weave together a retelling of our collective stories as Africans. It is a rediscovery of ourselves and a reminder of what it means to be of this continent.


Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Secrets


Saturday, 14th April, 7 pm, Tickets are P120; block bookings are available


Cast: Samantha Mogwe


Mystery isn’t always a bad thing but, some mystery, especially untold truths, can leave many destroyed once they come to light.


This production will show the duality that lies in the secrets we keep or secrets kept from us.

Tickets are P120; block bookings are available.

Maitisong Festival Featured Shows – Hereafter


Thursday, 19th April, 6pm, Tickets: P80 / P40 (students and pensioners) / Block bookings available


Theatre: Drama


Written & Directed By: Joy Mogami


Cast: Mothusi Moremi


Languages: English


Age Restriction: 13+


Running Time: 45 minutes


Hereafter is a one-man play that tells the story of a former soldier and his heart-breaking battle with chronic mental illnesses.


Tickets: P80 / P40 (students and pensioners) / Block bookings available

Maitisong Festival Stars – Seiko


Katlego Ntirang, also known as Seiko, is a 21-year old songstress. She is currently a 3rd year student at AFDA, studying for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Live Performance. Like many legendary performers, she made her debut performance in her formative years.  She is a dynamic performer on the theatrical stage, a talented visual artist, vocalist of note and a dancer. She is also a musical coach for youth bands and choirs. Her notable experiences include co-writing the Netball Youth Cup theme song, working with ATI and appearing on Flavor Dome, a BTV music programme.

Maitisong Festival Stars – Jordan Moozy

Jordan Moozy

“Music runs through my blood. Through this art, I seek to appreciate the world and hope that those that get to hear my work learn to appreciate themselves and those around them.”


Jordan Moozy is a 19-year old singer, songwriter, composer, poet and instrumentalist. His first encounter with music was at the tender age of six when he became an active participant in his school choir and an enthusiastic attendee at music classes.


Jordan has performed in various events, including the Nostalgic 199X Soirée, a 90s pop-culture themed event and the 2017 Maitisong Festival inBeyond the Horizon, accompanying local rappers Marinade Buzae and Linken. 


Jordan is a firm believer in giving back to the community and affiliates with movements that have the prime goal of uplifting individuals regardless of their backgrounds by offering his artistic gifts as his contribution towards their causes. These include Who Am I, founded by radio sensation Khumo Kgwaadira (commonly known as MissGeekays), and the #NoPricetag campaign spearheaded by One Faith Swele. He is a firm believer in giving back to the people.


Currently, Jordan is a vocalist and guitarist for Honesty, a trio comprised of himself, Seiko and Thabiso Mohlotsane. He is a volunteer at the House of Young, which is an arts and cultural education facility for children aged 3 – 23. He is also a voice-over artist with the cast of the Sky Girls radio drama, Matswaka Bae.